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A Spline-based Flexible Method of Virtual Force Design for Dynamic Motion Planning
S. H. Choi, W. K. Zhu | pp 53-57 | Abstract

Estimation of CAD Model Simplification Impact on CFD Analysis using Machine Learning
Florence Danglade, Philippe Véron, Jean-Philippe Pernot, Lionel Fine | pp 58-63 | Abstract

Primitive Detection from a Single View Image of an Engineering Model
Arjun Raj, Ramanathan M | pp 64-68 | Abstract

Automatic Quad Patch Layout Extraction for Quadrilateral Meshes
Sen Zhang, Hui Zhang, Jun-hai Yong | pp 69-74 | Abstract

External Ballistics for an Anti-Aircraft Gun with Flow Simulations around a Bullet
Minsuk Choi, Kang Park | pp 75-79 | Abstract

A Method for Supporting Aesthetic Design based on the Analysis of the Relationships
Masakazu Kobayashi, Takuma Kinumura, Masatake Higashi | pp 80-84 | Abstract

Time-efficient and Accurate Spatial Localization of Automotive Function Architectures
Moritz Cohrs, Stefan Klimke, Valeri Kremer, Gabriel Zachmann | pp 85-90 | Abstract

Retrieval of Solid Models based on Assembly Similarity
Rahul Sharan Renu, Gregory Mocko | pp 91-94 | Abstract

Towards an Integrated Framework to Support Contract Furniture Industry
Maura Mengoni, Monica Bordegoni, Massimo Mecella, Margherita Peruzzini | pp 95-100 | Abstract

Simulating the Approach-retract Phenomenon of AFM in Virtual Environment
Ke Liu, Xiaobo Peng | pp 101-106 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 53-106