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Investigation into Current Industrial Practices relating to Product Lifecycle Management
Ismael A. Essop et al  | pp 437-442 | Abstract

50 Years after “Sketchpad”: Has CAD Research Reached a Golden Age?
Oladele O. Owodunni  | pp 443-448 | Abstract

Knowledge Integration in CAD-CAM Process Chain
Thivakar Manoharan, Marcin Humpa, Alexander Martha, Peter Köhler  | pp 449-454 | Abstract

A 360-degree Holographic Display System for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Yukying Lu, Shara Wee Yee Lee, Kim Khaw, Ruxu Du  | pp 455-458 | Abstract

Optimization of Nozzle Head Toolpath and Component Shape Library in Printed Electronics
N. Panhalkar, S. Anand  | pp 459-463 | Abstract

CAD Models from Medical Images using LAR
Alberto Paoluzzi, Antonio DiCarlo, Francesco Furiani, Miroslav Jirík  | pp 464-469 | Abstract

Detecting Local Undo Conflicts in Multi-User CAD
David J. French, Scot Wilcox, Kevin Tew, Edward Red  | pp 470-474 | Abstract

Mapping Product Life-cycle Knowledge for Eco-improvement
Davide Russo, Marco Serafini, Caterina Rizzi  | pp 475-480 | Abstract

Simulation of a Robot Machining System Based on Heterogeneous-Resolution
Yonghua Chen, Ying Wei  | pp 481-486 | Abstract

Topology Optimization for Manufacturability Based on Visibility Map
Yonghua Chen, Jianan Lu, Ying Wei  | pp 487-491 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 437-491