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IFOG: Inductive Functional Programming for Geometric Processing
Masaji Tanaka, Yuki Takamiya, Naoki Tsubota, Kenzo Iwama  | pp 327-330 | Abstract

Automation of Drafting Execution by Schemes Definitions and Feature Recognition
Roberto Raffaeli, Paolo Cicconi, Michele Germani  | pp 331-336 | Abstract

Design Criteria Modeling – Use of Ontology-Based Algorithmic Modeling
Chieh-Jen Lin  | pp 337-341 | Abstract

Workflows for the Exchange of Specialized CAx Data
Lukas Weingartner, Alfred Sadlauer, Peter Hehenberger, Stefan Boschert  | pp 342-347 | Abstract

A Web Repository to Describe and Execute Shape Processing Workflows
M. Attene, D. Cabiddu, S. Gagliardo, F. Giannini, M. Monti  | pp 348-353 | Abstract

Zero-point Fixture System as a Reconfiguration Enabler in Flexible Manufacturing Systems
M. Urgo, W. Terkaj, C. Cenati, F. Giannini, M. Monti, S. Pellegrinelli  | pp 354-359 | Abstract

Automatic Post-processing for Tolerance Inspection of Digitized Parts
Michele Bici, Francesca Campana, Alessio Trifirò  | pp 360-365 | Abstract

A Framework for Understanding the Impact of Culture on Tacit Knowledge Sharing
Light Zaglago, Craig Chapman, Hanifa Shah  | pp 366-370 | Abstract

System based on Abstract Prototyping and Motion Capture to Support Car Interior Design
Giandomenico Caruso, Serena Camere, Monica Bordegoni  | pp 371-376 | Abstract

Visuo-Tactile System for 3D Digital Models Rendering
A. Mansutti, M. C. Rodriguez, G. Caruso, M. Bordegoni, U. Cugini  | pp 377-382 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 327-382