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Measuring Mean Cup Depth in the Optic Nerve Head
J. Johnstone, L. Rhodes, M. Fazio, B. Smith, L. Wang, J. Downs, et al  | pp 216-221 | Abstract

Investigation on Light Effect on Spatial Illusion Resulting from Forced Perspective
Nan-Ching Tai  | pp 222-224 | Abstract

Simulation-oriented Transformation of CAD models
Andrae René, Peter Köhler  | pp 225-230 | Abstract

Hierarchical Role-based Access Control for Multi-user Collaborative CAx Environment
Chia-Chi Teng, Francis Mensah, J. Ekstrom, Richard Helps, Greg Jensen  | pp 231-236 | Abstract

On Conceptual Modeling of Apparel Products
Yu Zhao, Feng Dai, Madan Gupta, W. J. Zhang  | pp 237-242 | Abstract

Multi-CAD Approach in Knowledge-Based Design
M. Salchner, S. Stadler, M. Hirz, J. Mayr, J. Ameye  | pp 243-247 | Abstract

A New Approach for Irregular Porous Structure Modeling
Yaohui You, Shuting Kou, S.T. Tan  | pp 248-253 | Abstract

Method for Evaluating Mechanical Characteristics of Biological Material
Satsuki Tsunenari, Tetsuo Oya  | pp 254-258 | Abstract

A G2 Interpolation Scheme for Polar Surface
Jianzhong Wang, Fuhua Cheng  | pp 259-263 | Abstract

Variable Offsetting of Polygonal Structures Using Skeletons
Martin Held, Stefan Huber, Peter Palfrader  | pp 264-268 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 216-268