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Mixed Reality to Design Lower Limb Prosthesis
Giorgio Colombo, Giancarlo Facoetti, Caterina Rizzi, Andrea Vitali  | pp 157-160 | Abstract

Evaluation of Open-architecture Product Adaptability Using Quantitative Measures
Chao Zhao, Qingjin Peng, Peihua Gu  | pp 161-166 | Abstract

Estimation of Clavicle Plate Bending Angles before Surgery
Y.M. Tang, T.L. Cheung  | pp 167-172 | Abstract

Multi-User Collaborative Tool Path Planning Using Process Decomposition
Andrew S. Priddis, W. Edward Red  | pp 173-176 | Abstract

A CAD Tool to Support Idea Generation in the Product Planning Phase
Daniele Bacciotti, Yuri Borgianni, Federico Rotini  | pp 177-182 | Abstract

Optimized Development: Defining Design Rules through Product Optimization Techniques
Marco Serafini, Francesco Furini, Giorgio Colombo, Caterina Rizzi  | pp 183-187 | Abstract

Ergonomics Product Development of Over Bed Table for Bedridden Patients
Than Lin, Akhila Ekanayake, Lewis S. Gaweshan, Zareer A. Hasan  | pp 188-195 | Abstract

CAD/CAE Associative Features for Cyclic Fluid Control Effect Modeling
Lei Li, Yongsheng Ma  | pp 196-202 | Abstract

Explicit 3D Functional Dimensioning to Support Design Intent Representation
Ferruccio Mandorli, Harald E. Otto, Roberto Raffaeli  | pp 203-209 | Abstract

Interface Management for Automating Finite Element Analysis Workflows
Christopher M. Tierney, Trevor T. Robinson, Cecil G. Armstrong  | pp 210-215 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 157-215