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Towards a Declarative Modeling Approach built on Top of a CAD Modeler
Dorian Decriteau, Jean-Philippe Pernot, Marc Daniel  | pp 107-112 | Abstract

Curvature-based Coarse Registration for Dimensional Metrology
Rindra Rantoson, Charyar Mehdi-Sourzani, Nabil Anwer, Hichem Nouira  | pp 113-117 | Abstract

Shotline Analysis of Ground Combat Vehicles using Target Geometry Modelling
Chul Yoo, Kang Park, Minsuk Choi  | pp 118-121 | Abstract

Practical Procedure of a Sport Ship Surface Interpolation and its Application
Jana Gavačová, Matúš Grznár, Ján Žiška, Peter Belej  | pp 122-126 | Abstract

Quality Appearance Evaluation of Automotive Bodies: Effect of Flexible Parts Tolerances
Ali Hashemian, Behnam Moetakef Imani  | pp 127-132 | Abstract

NC Simulation for Adaptive Look-Ahead Interpolator with On-line Collision Detection
Hong-Tzong Yau, Chia-Hao Chang, Tsan-Jui Yang, Jiun-Ting Lin  | pp 133-136 | Abstract

An Investigation on Sustainable Design Index and its Implementation
Norhisham Seyajah, Kai Cheng, Richard Bateman  | pp 137-142 | Abstract

Patients’ Evaluation Based on Digital Motion Acquisition
Daniele Regazzoni, Caterina Rizzi  | pp 143-147 | Abstract

New Approach of the Product-specific Knowledge Balance Based on Data Mining
Stefan Hinsen, Margot Ruschitzka, Peter Gust  | pp 148-153 | Abstract

An Energy Saving Approach for Rough Milling Tool Path Planning
Ke Xu, Kai Tang  | pp 154-156 | Abstract
Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 107-156