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Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 69-74
Automatic Quad Patch Layout Extraction for Quadrilateral Meshes

Sen Zhang, Hui Zhang, Jun-hai Yong, Tsinghua University

Abstract. Quadrilateral mesh (quad mesh for short) is one of the most popular shape representations in computer graphics, which is widely used in CAD/CAM, numerical simulation and other areas. Among quad meshes, semi-regular ones, which have few numbers of irregular vertices, have been gained more attentions. Significant progress has been made in generation and processing of quad meshes during the last decades. However, most semi-regular quad mesh generation algorithms focus on minimizing the number of the irregular vertices. When analyzing the global structure of a generated quad mesh, it does not exhibit a coarse and well-shaped patch layout. In practice, a coarse patch layout is highly desirable to support operations such as texturing, adaptive sizing and so on. Generally speaking, there are two main types of methods for extracting the quad patch layout of a quad mesh: one type is based on mesh segmentation, and the other is based on simplifying separatrices and connectivity graph. Bommes et al. gave a more comprehensive survey of the quad mesh processing.

Keywords. Quad Patch Layout, Safety Turning Area, Binary Integer Programming, Global Optimal Solution

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2015.69-74