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Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 449-454
Knowledge Integration in CAD-CAM Process Chain

Thivakar Manoharan, Marcin Humpa, Alexander Martha, Peter Köhler, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Abstract. Knowledge Based Engineering is an omnipresent topic in the CAx environment. Engineers of different departments are trying to define their knowledge to implement this in CAx systems (e.g. CAD or CAM systems). All for increase the own work or to support the following processes with more knowledge. For recurring tasks, the system the Engineers are using doesn’t change. To support this tasks the CAx systems has to be modified. For increasing the following tasks, the interfaces between the CAx systems has to be analyzed. In both cases an expert system is necessary to implement the functionalities to the CAx systems. In this paper possibilities are investigated to link knowledge domains and with this to increase the expert effort. For this, the knowledge will be extracted from structured text files (such as XML files) by an expert system. Another possible source is a database with company and international standards, which can be accessed directly or through a web service. Furthermore the benefits of web services in that field will be analyzed. This paper will show, how a manufacturing knowledge integration in CAD systems will support the planning and work preparation. This knowledge is distinguishable between conventional and additive manufacturing.

Keywords. Knowledge based engineering, Linking of knowledge domains, Integration of knowledge, API programming, Conventional and additive manufacturing

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2015.449-454