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Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 38-41
A Theoretical Framework for Supporting a Novel Design Development Process: An Interactive Semantic-based Approach in Computer Assisted Parametric Design

Mihai Dupac, Bournemouth University

Abstract. The laborious process of designing mechanical parts and assemblies (sheer number of stages and different complex activities required) is leading to strong pressure from users to improve the actual systems. Modern CAD software allows detailed design of parts and assemblies, but is quite limited in part parameterization and cannot offer the abstracted higher-level construction that users need right now. Although some of the actual CAD models provide feature-based design which semantically may include product information, it not includes “a sound basis to reason with knowledge." Detailed design of parts involves features creation, defining dimensions and tolerances (usually requested for the manufacturing process) which is tedious and non-intuitive due to the actual interaction techniques and used interfaces. These shortcomings indicated an immediate need for new development. An efficient way to reduce design time can be obtained through the use of parametric design by modifying the features and the dimensions of existing similar parts. The development of parameterized CAD can allow users to change product models for various parameter and constraint values. A complete model parameterization - including the establishment and automatic maintenance of parametric dependencies - would allow the reuse of the existing models and geometry through dynamic modification of the parts stored in a semantic-based CAD library.

Keywords. Parametric modeling, Mechanical design, Knowledge-based System, Semantic-based Approach, Object-Oriented Database

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2015.38-41