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Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 348-353
A Web Repository to Describe and Execute Shape Processing Workflows

Marco Attene, Daniela Cabiddu, Stefano Gagliardo, Franca Giannini, Marina Monti, IMATI-GE, CNR, Genova, Italy

Abstract. Nowadays geometric models are ubiquitous, and models which are created in a given context often need to be reused in different scenarios. In these cases, a pre-processing is typically necessary to adapt the model to the new requirements (e.g. format conversion, geometric/topological modifications). As an example, performing the finite element analysis during a product design requires the creation of a mesh model from the CAD B-rep and also model adjustments and shape simplification involving both topological and geometric changes. The triangles produced by a tessellation algorithm are usually perfect for a visualization setting but not appropriate for a FEA application, where regularity of the mesh and its density in regions affected by particular stress are determinant to guarantee faithful simulation results. These processing are generally performed according to steady sequences resulting from technological constraints and experience. As a consequence, it is often difficult for non-experts to understand which tools and operations better fit with the specific purposes. In this case, a remeshing process is necessary to modify the shape of the triangles without modifying the overall shape of the model. Before remeshing, however, possible pre-processing might be necessary to guarantee that the mesh actually encloses a solid.

Keywords. Geometric processing, Web repository, Web services, Workflows

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2015.348-353