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Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 315-320
On Development of Methods for Expressing Customer Affective Response for Apparel Products

Yu Zhao, W.J. Zhang, University of Saskatchewan and East China University of Sci. and Tech.
Alireza Montazer, Chen Wang, University of Saskatchewan

Abstract. Customer requirement is the first important thing to be considered for any product design. For the product such as the apparel, the customer requirement is not only the function and usability of the product but also the affective response or emotion when human interacting with the product. The quantification of the function and usability into product design is readily available. However, the quantification of a customer’s affective response into a product is still a pending issue. This paper presents a work that was aimed at developing a procedure to elicit a list of adjectives that represent the customer’s affective requirement towards apparel in our case. Web mining technology was employed in developing this procedure, which adds value to effective and efficient acquisition of adjectives from a vast amount of information in the web media. Further, the procedure involves the apparel design expert with help of the expert opinion elicitation technique to add value to the validity of the obtained list of affective words. It is noted that the list can then be incorporated into an existing computer-aided design of apparel with consideration of the customer affective requirement on apparel, e.g., “I want to have a dress that can make me feel more elegant.”

Keywords. Words, Web mining, Affective, Apparel, Domain

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2015.315-320