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Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 237-242
On Conceptual Modeling of Apparel Products

Yu Zhao, W.J. Zhang, University of Saskatchewan and East China University of Science and Technology
Feng Dai, Madan M. Gupta, University of Saskatchewan

Abstract. Apparel can be viewed as a product and it is a generic name for all types of clothes. Like any other product, the apparel product needs the computer support in order to meet the ever-increased demands from the customer. An effective computer support requires an effective communication between the computer and human, and this requires a conceptual model of the underlying application, apparel in our case. Further, the conceptual model needs to be expressed in a way to facilitate the computer’s representation. A conceptual model captures basic concepts and their relations, which form a framework of knowledge about a domain of application. Another expectation of the conceptual model is that a conceptual model should be expressed in a way to facilitate the human and human communication, where the human refers to all the personnel involved in development of a product. In summary, there are three functional requirements (FRs) on the conceptual model. First (FR1) is that a conceptual model must capture all basic concepts and their relationships underlying the particular domain of concerned applications. Second (FR2) is that a conceptual model is a facilitator for the communication between the human and computer. Third (FR3) is that a conceptual model is a facilitator for the communication among all personnel who are involved in product development.

Keywords. Pattern, Apparel, Conceptual, Data Modeling, Structure

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2015.237-242