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Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 231-236
Hierarchical Role-based Access Control for Multi-user Collaborative CAx Environment

Chia-Chi Teng, Francis N. Mensah, J. Ekstrom, Richard Helps, Greg Jensen, Brigham Young University

Abstract. While the engineering design and manufacturing are highly collaborative processes, main stream commercial CAD and other computer-aided tools still limited to user interface and user experience that are single user in nature. The collection of single user tools unnecessarily constraint the design and manufacturing processes with too much serialization or difficult integration when teams of engineers are involved in complex projects. The lack of concurrent and distributed CAx tools not only limits the productivity and efficiency of the engineers, but also create risk in quality management in today’s increasingly complex systems, which in turn lengthens the product development life cycle and increases cost. Researchers have proposed a variety of methods and tools to facilitate concurrent multi-user collaboration in CAD modeling, mostly notably the NX-Connect system built by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Center of e-Design at Brigham Young University which successfully integrated such capability in the one of the world leading commercial CAD application. The NX-Connect system is designed to support engineering teams that are distributed in multiple geographical locations connected through public internet infrastructure. Past experimental design projects involving engineering students from multiple universities across the country have demonstrated the feasibility of such collaborative design process and the potential productivity gain.

Keywords. Multi-user CAD, Collaborative Design, Access Control, Security

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2015.231-236