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Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 188-195
Ergonomics Product Development of Over Bed Table for Bedridden Patients

Than Lin, Akhila Ekanayake, Lewis S. Gaweshan, Zareer A. Hasan, Asian Institute of Technology

Abstract. Over bed tables are used worldwide to help disable or injured patience but the most of the available products does not meet the basic standards of ergonomics.
Nowadays when designing a human control product the ergonomic standards should be satisfied to make a product which will not harm the user. This study was conducted to develop a new ergonomic over bed table for patients which will be useful to get a better recovery and which will be helpful for users as the way they expect. This paper presents a methodology to develop a new type of over bed table for bedridden patients. The objective of the research is to design and produce a new type of over bed table for helping disable or injured patients. Most of the available products are not considered ergonomics factors. In this approach, Quality Function Development (QFD) technique is considered with ergonomics factors and developed to satisfy the quality of products and ergonomics standards which will not harm the user. A virtual ergonomic analysis has been performed in Jack SIEMEN® using the constructed virtual human models with anthropometric data. Details of the research activities, development of QFD and ergonomics analysis are mainly discussed in this paper.

Keywords. Quality Function Deployment, Conceptual Design, Ergonomics Analysis and Simulation, Design for Manufacturing

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2015.188-195