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Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 137-142
An Investigation on Sustainable Design Index and its Implementation within the CAD Environment

Norhisham Seyajah, Kai Cheng, Richard Bateman, Brunel University London

Abstract. In recent years, sustainability development has been become a timely but major challenge in many countries. As a consequence, engineering production systems are increasingly complex, which is well reflected in their design, for their multi-disciplinary nature, complexity and sustainability in particular. Therefore, sustainable design is an essential and much needed approach for the 21st century engineering design, particularly with the aid of CAD tools in a design automation process. According to Wallace if new knowledge is required, the methods and tools must be easily understood and applied by engineering designers. Hence, the research presented aims to investigate and understand the nature of sustainable design and analysis, through the development of a sustainable design index (SDI) with the associated analysis, for its industrially feasible implementation within the computer aided design (CAD) environment. In this paper, an innovative sustainable design index concept is presented particularly its implementation and application within computer aided design (CAD) environment. The application case study is carried out on furniture design, where the industry is pressured to take the responsible sustainability of economic, social, and environmental which need to be incorporated effectively at the early design stage.

Keywords. Sustainable design, Sustainable Design Index (SDI), CAD programming

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2015.137-142