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Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 13-16
Exploration of a Design Framework for Large-scale Model Manufacturing

Lawrence Sass, Woong Ki Sung, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lujie Chen, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Abstract. Physical prototyping (rapid prototyping) as part of an iterative design process is becoming a standard operation for most design communities. Creating physical models with automated machines is a necessary step across many product scales. Architects, boat designers and furniture makers are limited in the physical size of models that can be produced with common, affordable prototyping machines. A conceptual model of prototyping is presented as a way of addressing shortcomings for designers of large-scale products. Unlike traditional design, where a designer produces ideas and intentions, and a constructor acts on these intentions, this research aims to create an integrated system that includes design reflection, rapid 3D model generation and 2D CAD/CAM fabrication. A generative system used to create large models named as Scalable Planar Structure (SPS) is introduced. The system minimizes repetitive CAD modelling and serves as a framework that integrates physical actions associated with making and software functions associated with design and fabrication. Research questions here are based on the production of design information through prototyping and less on model representation or realistic interpretations. Part of the investigation was a search for a method of information production suited for the laser cutting or CNC machining of dense thick material. 

Keywords. Rapid prototyping, Large-scale prototyping, Scalable planar structure

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2015.13-16