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Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 118-121
Shotline Analysis of Ground Combat Vehicles using Target Geometry Modelling

Chul Yoo, Kang Park, Minsuk Choi, Myongji University

Abstract. In the early stage of the design process of a ground combat vehicle (GCV), four major performance functions of GCV including mobility, fire power, vulnerability, and operability should be carefully designed and tested using the modelling and simulation (M&S) technology. Among them, vulnerability assessment, which assesses the amount of damage when GCV is attached by enemy’s weapon, is needed to develop more robust and highly survivable GCV. The first step for vulnerability assessment is to make a target geometry model using CAD system. In the previous research in vulnerability assessment, BRL CAD system which was developed at Ballistic Research Lab in USA has been widely used. However, it is not convenient to use it since it is not only hard to learn, but also models should be constructed using only CSG method. Thus, in order to use the target geometry model that is constructed easily using a commercial CAD system, a new vulnerability assessment system needs to be developed. This paper introduces the contents of the vulnerability analysis program including importing target geometry models made in a commercial CAD system and performing the shot line analysis.

Keywords. Vulnerability assessment, Ground combat vehicles, Target geometry modeling, Shot line analysis

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2015.118-121