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Proceedings of CAD'15, 2015, 101-106
Simulating the Approach-retract Phenomenon of AFM in Virtual Environment with Haptic Interface

Ke Liu, Xiaobo Peng, Prairie View A&M University

Abstract. Nanotechnology is an exciting and growing area, which includes diverse fields of science such as physics, biology, surface science, microfabrication, etc. The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) is a crucial technique to study nanotechnology. It can be used to study cell stiffness for potential disease diagnosis. The nanoscratching lithography can be implemented by AFM. However, AFM technique lacks of real-time visual feedback, because only static scanning images are provided in real AFMs. Normally, the cost and the maintenance of the AFM are expensive. The preparation of AFM is also challenging for an instructor who is not an expert in nanotechnology. The experience would also be limited for students to use such kind of tool, since professional operators are necessary to make the AFM ready. The nanoscale phenomena are difficult for researchers and students to understand and conceptualize. It would be beneficial to develop an AFM Virtual Reality (VR) system which could help people understand the nanoscale phenomenon through tools in macro world. The haptics can express force variations intuitively.

Keywords. Virtual Environment, Haptic Interface, AFM, Approach-retract Phenomenon

DOI: 10.14733/cadconfP.2015.101-106